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Superbly crafted stainless steel member ring with hammered surface and highly polished bands. Tempest has a dome cut with step edges and intricate detail unmatched in the market of men’s intimate accessories. This ring has all the mass you want and expect from solid steel but is wrapped in an unexpectedly seductive design.

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Face it, you are a bit twisted. It’s only fitting that you wear a ring which reflects your true nature. Oh, and hammered – but not everywhere.

Tempest extends King Rings’ exceptional quality into Stainless Steel with an unexpected and elegant design. Its hammered surface is wrapped in five intricately carved and polished bands, giving it undeniably seductive nuance. You and your partner(s) will marvel at the delicate balance of Tempest’s considerable weight and commanding presence.

Inside ring surface is comfort fit with a gentle curve (as are all our rings) and each ring is laser engraved with our very bold logo.

Tempest pairs equally well with board shorts, a groom’s tuxedo, and/or the admiration in your partner’s eyes.

Tempest Stainless Steel Cock Ring

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Stainless Steel


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Polished Steel


Hammered and mirror polish


Dome cut with step edge. Hammered surface with five carved bands

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16 reviews for Tempest

  1. Derrick J (verified owner)

    As a new owner of The Tempest member ring from King Rings, I am truly impressed by the quality and craftsmanship put into this unique peice of men’s jewelery. I’ve experimented with other c-rings on the market, but King Rings are on another level with their designs and material. I chose The Tempest as my first ring because of it’s raw stainless appeal and hammered finish. I recieved my Tempest ring in the middle of a busy work week and had decided to hold off on opening the package until my day off to build my anticipation and excitement. It was a special moment for me to hold and feel the weight of my new ring within it’s leather pouch as no other store bought ring could match in it’s presentation. My new ring continued to impress after the big reveal and looked and felt great as it gripped the base of my unit. I now wear my ring commando just about everywhere I go and it’s gentle tug reminds of the proud male that I am. This will be the first of my collection and I can’t wait for the weighty feel of a tungsten carbide ring as my next ring. Much thanks to Scott and King Rings for a wonderful gift to men like me. Cheers!

  2. Roger (verified owner)

    Good Things come in small, heavy packages! The King Rings Tempest is my initial foray into luxury cock rings. After studying Scott’s excellent website, pouring over the reviews on every ring, and checking the gallery pictures, it was clear that King Rings are on a higher plane than anything else out there. I’m a sucker for a hammered finish, so the Tempest was my first choice. The sizing rings are a must for determining the best fit. Please do not leave out this vital step! They very quickly helped me narrow the field down to two sizes, and ultimately utilized the two-finger method to make my choice and ordered a 50mm after taking a couple different sizes for a test drive. I found my heart beating a little quicker when I retrieved the small, weighty package from the mailbox. Out of the box, and sitting in my palm, glittering with reflected light, Tempest revealed itself as a sparkling objet d’art, flawless and heavy. It looked gorgeous and enormous! There was a stirring of anticipation down below. This is the first King Ring I’ve seen in the flesh, and coming from my experience with a 10mm wide, 2.5oz ring, the contrast is stunning. Now on the flesh, there were sensations of rounded smoothness, mass, and gravity’s pull that were new to me…and the satisfying reassurance that the size is right, thanks to the ingenious sizing rings and fitting advice. I have not decided which impresses me most — the way it looks or the way it feels — but that’s moot because both are at the root of this personal and private pleasure. Thank you, Scott, for your guidance and your stellar customer service. Good things indeed come in small packages.

  3. Albert D (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful first one I ordered and love it. I picked the tempest because I belong to several clothing optional camp resorts and with a tan all over the silver really stands out. The fit and finish is awesome. I wear it a lot and never find it uncomfortable or heavy. My lady friend loves it and wants me to get another probably will in the not to distance.The service was very well taken ordered the ring kit to get the proper fit ordered the ring and in less than a week it was on me. Can not say enough about the ring or the company.

  4. Seth M (verified owner)

    As someone who has never worn a c-ring before, I knew I wanted a special one that was truly beautiful and I could wear all day, just like another piece of jewelry. King Rings was perfect for me. After ordering the sizing rings and mulling over what size I was and what ring I wanted that was available in my size, I landed on the Tempest. It looks is a gorgeous ring that pictures really do not do justice for. It’s a lighter ring, but has just enough tug to feel nice when worn. I will certainly be purchasing more rings in the future!

  5. Nathanael M (verified owner)

    Really loving the ring. I got a size a tad too small in error(my fault), but the quality is stellar and the Tempest design is beautiful and very regal. It’s really heavy which I love. Use plenty of lube to put it on if you have big boys like I do. Other than that it’s amazing quality. I definitely suggest using the sizing rings to confirm the fit before opening the actual product. The owner was really understanding and helpful. Great product and company.

  6. Bill M (verified owner)

    A beautiful hunk of stainless steel, so shiny and smooth. The 58 mm has a nice heft at 7.5 oz, but is so comfortable. This ring has so impressed me (and the wife) that once the new wears off I may move up to a Tungsten and a glans.
    The whole experience; viewing the King Ring site information, trying the sizing rings, and then promptly receiving the Tempest after ordering, was a pleasant surprise. Thank you Scott and King Rings.

  7. Abram C (verified owner)

    Very impressive! I was blown away when I received it. Fits well, the weight is quite a shock. Scott reached out and provided a lot of detailed support on sizing. He really cares about your return on investment, which is great. I’ll be buying more rings here in the future. The finish of the ring is flawless, it’s really beautiful. Perfect results on function testing for play. You may find play and all day wear could be different sizes, as others across reviews on this store have noted. So worth it!

  8. Andy Y (verified owner)

    The Tempest is the perfect cockring for any gear-head or outdoor outdoor enthusiast. It has a rugged beauty to it just like a high end firearm. The Tempest belongs displayed next too my high end .45 pistols or shotguns. This cockring will also be perfect for drives out in my Jeep. I highly recommend this ring!

  9. SCDN (verified owner)

    There’s nothing to fault here. As a chef, I always say that quality tools make everything better. Let me tell you, this thing is quality. The weight gives you a nice tug. It enhances everything it’s supposed to. You want a cheap cock ring? Then that’s what you’ll get. This isn’t cheap. It’s quality you can feel and the price point is worth it. WELL worth it.

  10. Larry D (verified owner)

    I am quite impressed with how it feels it has enough weight to be noticed but isn’t uncomfortably heavy. It give a small feeling of power like it’s named after and is a great ring for someone who hasn’t ever worn one before. Will definitely recommend this to anyone who might be interested in getting a great quality ring for their cock

  11. Scott M (verified owner)

    Sizing done, check (thanks sizing rings!). Discount code in hand, check. Which ring to get, that is the question. For my first King Ring, I just wanted to go with simple yet elegant. Tempest fit that bill. The hammered surface goes great with my other stainless hardware that I like to wear. The weight of the ring is fantastic throughout the day reminding you that it is there. Just thinking about it leads to a growing situation.

    This is a great ring for all day wear and when you need it envelope your cock, it does not disappoint!

  12. Tam (verified owner)

    We used the ring yesterday and discovered that the ring improves our experience in several ways:

    He has acute adhd and the sensation, weight, and restriction of the ring, he said, helps to increase his ability to be present and focus on pleasure.

    He also said something about the ring helps him to feel less inhibited and allows his more “barbaric” impulses go unfiltered.

    He definitely makes more sound uninhibited when he wears it, which is one of my favorite things.
    I like how the ring provides a foundation for the cock to have a more certain forward direction as it holds it forward and makes it much harder.

    The ring has allowed us to really make the most of reverse cowgirl, as I get really wet, if his cock isnt super hard and focus there is a high degree of instance where it slips out and has to be put back into the cockpit.

    It also improves deep throat because having the cock directed very straight helps me shove it deeper at the correct angle.

    I like the look of it. too. Hard to explain why exacly, it’s just very.. enriching.

    Several minutes into our play I had him in a fantastic open position with his cock ring on hard and he said if Heaven is real he hopes it’s just like this. 😂

  13. Wayne (verified owner)

    Let’s face it, sticker shock for a cock ring – I know. But, look at it this way, if you want something functional on your wrist to tell time, you can go to any mega-store and buy a $10 watch. However, if you want a piece of art on your wrist, you go to a jeweler and invest in a hi-end time-piece. That’s what you are dealing with here. There are plenty of websites that you can pick up an inexpensive hunk of stainless steel cock ring for some sexy fun time. If you want jewelry for you jewels that’s King Rings. You are paying for quality, craftsmanship, and service. I’m not against penis piercing but its not for me, that said, I still want to adorn my penis and why I wear only King Rings. I love wearing my Tempest and g-ring all day; the added benefit is my wife enjoys the look one me and the feeling during sexy fun time.

  14. Robert Y (verified owner)

    Once again, I am in awe of the craftsmanship that is put into King Rings. Tempest is the 4th ring that I have purchased from Scott and like the previous ones, it does not disappoint.

    Lighter in weight, but you still know that you are wearing it because of the gentle tug that it offers. I think the design reminds me of a nicely weathered beer stein, worn and comfortable to use on a regular basis. Tempest has become my everyday ring and my Father of Pearl has become my special occasion ring.

    I never question the quality of the rings Scott has to offer and he should be rightfully very proud his products. I cannot wait to see what new designs he has in store for the future.

  15. Christopher E (verified owner)

    Ordered my second King Ring and this one is an absolute beauty! My first one was the Savage Rose in tungsten so I had to try the stainless steel version. It’s slightly lighter than the Tungsten and so damn comfy. I wear it everyday to give me the boost to really dominate the room and makes me feel confident and sexy all at the same time. Scott is the perfect salesman and impresses me every time! Thank you for everything and can’t wait to do business again! I may need the glans ring in achromic to match:)

  16. Daniel R (verified owner)

    I mentioned in my review previously of Thunder that I had a little trepidation with going stainless after enjoying the excellent weight of tungsten carbide. Well, needless to say, I loved Thunder enough to buy his younger brother. Tempest continues to carry the torch in terms of quality and beauty. As my seventh King Ring… I knew what to expect when it comes to jewelry quality adornment for my manhood, so jumped at the opportunity of sporting this fresh new design.

    This ring carries a manly beauty that makes it a perfect addition to your collection. Where Thunder is rugged, boxy, angularly cut, and brash in its masculinity, Tempest is elegant, smooth, crisp, and well rounded. You wear Thunder under your denim while carving logs down for building a massive cabin… and wear Tempest under your slacks while carving the lines of a twisty mountainside road in your Porsche. Both are dazzlingly designed to catch light and draw attention.

    As a typical 7 7/8″ ring wearer, I ordered the 48mm and remain delighted by the fit. This measured precisely as it should at 1.88″ inner diameter. The height of the ring is .773″ and comes in at a .29″ thickness. Tempest fights gravity as it draws 5.95 ounces of weight on your member to the floor. Because of the thicker walls and perfectly radiused inner profile with a generous rounded outer edge, Tempest is as comfortable as your well-worn hoodie from college. Such is the “King Ring advantage”, if you will.

    If you have any doubts or concerns about a stainless steel ring (because let’s face it… we’ve all bought cheap garbage rings at some point), just remember that this is a King Ring. Tempest, like his older brother Thunder, will NOT disappoint. Treat yourself to both so you can throw those garbage stainless steel rings you already have away.

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