King Rings sells only new, never used products but we do not discourage you from selling clean, quality secondhand items yourself. In fact, we would like to help.

Do you have a collection of steel rings you don’t love anymore? Maybe you have a King Ring that is an imperfect fit, a style that is rarely in stock, or a Collector Series ring that other guys would kill for!


If you have a gentleman’s ring or similar product to sell, please list it on a public auction or classifieds site (i.e. eBay or CraigsList) and share it here by posting a link in the comments section. You can also just drop your email address for direct sale but note that the address will then be public. There is no fee for this and no catch, it’s just free advertising for you.


If you are looking to buy, please check the comments below (newest posts are listed first) and purchase directly from the seller. No “wanted” comments on this page, please, but you can easily get alerted when new items are posted – see below.


Sharing links on this page is a privilege reserved exclusively for current and former King Rings customers – verified by email address.

Sale items are not limited to any brand or manufacturer but they should be in the same market vein as the products sold here on

When dropping a link into the comments, please be sure to include some descriptive text so readers know what you are selling. List price or starting bid are recommended as well.

All comments are subject to review/approval and edits may be requested at our discretion. All comments/links will be automatically removed after 4 weeks or immediately on request of the seller.

Your public listing (external site) should have photos of the actual item you are selling and depict its current condition. Do not use photos copyrighted by King Rings or any other party. If the listing contains NSFW imagery that needs to be disclosed here, with your link.

Questions and/or discussion between seller and buyer should be conducted on the external, selling site or by direct email and will not be published here.

King Rings LLC plays no role in, and has no liability for, the sale of products on third party websites or direct sale between individuals. If there is a dispute following any sale, please leverage the resources of the listing site and/or your chosen payment platform.


Do you want to know when new products are posted? Below the Comment form, there is a link which reads “JUST FOLLOW”. You may opt-in for email notification with or without posting a comment of your own. You will receive an email every time we approve and publish a newly posted link. Unsubscribing is easy.

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