Tempest Stainless Steel Cock Ring
Superbly crafted stainless steel member ring with hammered surface and highly polished bands. Tempest has a dome cut with step edges and intricate detail unmatched in the market of men's intimate accessories. This ring has all the mass you want and expect from solid steel but is wrapped in an unexpectedly seductive design.
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Tempest Stainless Steel Finger Ring
Tempest – Tiny
Beautifully hand crafted stainless steel finger ring, mirror polished with hammered finish and five twisting bands. Tempest is an elegantly styled and unique keepsake certain to capture attention. Scroll down for important details.  
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Feel the power! Highly crafted Stainless (and flawless) Steel member ring with brick pattern cut. Center bricks are brushed and the rest of the ring has a mirror polish. Rose style is 14kt Rose Gold plated which is achieved by blending copper into the alloy.
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