Disclaimer Of Liability

King Rings LLC has gone to great lengths to assist you in identifying the right size ring with our Sizing Guide, Fitting Guide, and plasticĀ Trial Rings which can be purchased as a set or individually. With this guidance and a little common sense you should have great confidence your King Ring will fit and perform as expected.

We believe firmly that our products are safe when used properly and that misuse (like wearing a ring too small) is almost prohibitively difficult from the start. Common sense is a great guide, trust yourself to use it and blame only yourself if you get into trouble. We want you to love your new ring so be smart and have fun.

All that said, no one is in control of your actions or decisions other than you. You are solely responsible for your actions, uniquely positioned to judge fit prior to use, and King Rings LLC accepts no responsibility for misuse of our product which leads to harm or loss of any kind up to and including; medical costs, emergency services, personal injury, or property damage.