Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a member ring, what can it do for me?
Member rings are Kings Rings’ version of “cock rings”, they constrict the base of the penis and inhibit blood flow out of your erectile tissue, the result is a firmer, more persistent erection. It also creates sensations of tightness and pressure that heighten sensitivity and the intensity of orgasm. Our rings fit behind the testicles and have a 20mm band width which distributes pressure over a larger area than most c-rings, making for a very comfortable fit.

What makes King Rings so special?
King Rings is a luxury brand with products unique in the world, no one sells rings like ours anywhere. With cores of Tungsten Carbide (the hardest metal known to man), inlaid with exotic materials, and plated with precious metals, our rings expand an existing market category into new territory. King Rings are an accessory for men, an expression of personal style which can be worn all day and used all night.

What is Tungsten Carbide?
Tungsten is a rare elemental metal and when carburized at temperatures exceeding 3000°F it bonds with Carbon and forms an incredibly strong compound. Dense too, double that of steel and midway between lead and gold. Used in jewelry, it can be polished to a mirror shine and only scratched by diamonds.

Can I really wear a King Ring all day? Yes! This is more than half the pleasure of owning a King Ring. We recommend loose fitting underwear (boxers or boxer briefs) and a little talcum powder. Commando is a great option as well, the weight of your ring will keep you stimulated and preoccupied all day.

How do I know what size to buy? See our Sizing Guide, buy our Trial Rings, reference our Fitting Guide. By the time you’re done you will be 100% confident in the ring size you need.

Can the rings be re-sized? No. Tungsten Carbide (WC) is a very hard but rigid metal and cannot be stretched or otherwise resized.

Can I have my ring engraved? Yes. We do not currently provide this service but a laser engraver near you might be able to personalize your ring. Note that most engravers will not be expecting an item so large and may or may not be able to accommodate an engraving to scale.

Are member rings a good solution for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
No. A well fit member ring with give your erection a gentle boost (harder and more persistent) but does not force an erection, you still need to get that boy up on your own. Should you use a member ring in conjunction with your ED meds? Uh … we think the answer is probably no and you should consult your doctor.

Will a member ring keep me hard through refractory period?
This would be considered a forced erection and they are generally uncomfortable but to each his own. If this is the experience you desire then we recommend a different kind of c-ring, a rigid metal member ring which blocks the escape of blood in the absence of physical arousal is a recipe for trouble.

How do I put on a rigid member ring? We have a 4 Step Guide here, or simply put … while flaccid, tuck your testicles (one at a time) through the ring, then fold your penis down and insert the tip of it through the ring. Push or pull your penis through and adjust the ring up towards your body. Adjust as necessary to make sure it fits comfortably.

Are member rings dangerous?
No… but people are. You could get yourself into trouble if you ignore your instinct for self preservation and painstakingly squeeze your manly bits through a ring that is obviously too small. It is actually quite difficult to get a ring on which is small enough to give you problems, as you struggle you will have time to reflect on your poor choices. Treat your wood like a good carpenter would and measure twice.

What if I can’t get the ring off? Erect and stuck? If you can, try ejaculating and then give things time to relax. In an emergency, like if you can’t lose your erection for a half hour and/or you’re having real discomfort, you may be able to remove a King Ring by breaking it (more on this). Stand against a table or counter, place the problem on the edge, and give the ring a good wack with a hammer. Tungsten Carbide can only be cut with a diamond saw, breaking is the best option.

You don’t have my size, now what? Let us know! Each size we stock requires a hefty investment but we are happy to do so if there is demand. We’ll never know if you don’t tell us.

What is the return policy? Please see our Return Policy.

How can I gift a ring? Please see our Gifting Guide.

What size do I need? Please see our Sizing Guide.

Is my ring the right size? Please see our Fitting Guide.

Why Is My Question Not Here? Simply because we didn’t think of it first or no one has asked. Contact us with your question and we will help the best we can.