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Tungsten Carbide is heavier than your average metal and makes an extraordinary member ring. Not all King Rings designs weigh the same.

Mass Appeal
In the King Rings Laboratory

Tungsten Carbide is dense, about midway between Lead and Gold, and is much heavier than the stainless steel used to make most metal c-rings. More than twice as heavy.

Many men who wear metal c-rings enjoy the gentle tug of a weighty ring and purchase stainless steel donuts in fatter and fatter sizes to maximize the affect. Adding weight requires adding volume and is akin to adding plates to a dumbbell.

We prefer a more elegant approach which keeps the rings of reasonable size but has all the benefit of rings more than double their volume.

Ring Blank
Common Start

All King Rings start as blanks forged in a furnace at 3500°F and are then cut, polished, plated, and inlaid. Every cut removes Tungsten Carbide from the ring blank and thereby reduces its overall weight. For example, the inlaid wood and abalone on Island Wood requires 3 channels be cut in the ring and then filled with much lighter material. Further, the outside surface is “dome cut” which creates a beautiful curved surface but also decreases the volume and weight.

Gold Champ and Black Rose are “step cut” and have no inlay, these rings retain more of the original blank than any other styles and they are heavier for it. Specifically, Gold Champ is 60% heavier than Savage Rose.

Ring DesignWeight Range
Thunder (steel)5.5 – 6.9 oz.
Woody6.0 – 8.2 oz
Island Wood5.3 – 8.3 oz
Savage Rose6.5 – 8.0 oz
True Blue7.5 – 10.5 oz
Father Of Pearl7.5 – 10.0 oz
Knight Dragon7.8 – 10.5 oz
Sea Dragon 7.8 – 10.5 oz
Celtic Band 7.8 – 10.5 oz
Blue Horizon7.8 – 10.8 oz
Hammered Rose7.8 – 11.5 oz
Black Rose 8.5 – 11.5 oz
Gold Champ 8.5 – 11.0 oz

The greatest value of any King Ring is its aesthetic and you should select your favorites based on how you (and your partner?) appreciate their styles. All our member rings are extraordinary and it may be difficult for you to choose, maybe mass could be a tie breaker for you.

We put together a short video to demonstrate how our rings match up against common items you may be familiar with. Enjoy.

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    Very important that you do not underestimate the weight of these rings. If you’re already a ring owner but haven’t purchased a King Ring yet, weigh one of your rings in ounces. I bet it’s no more than 3 oz. These things are heavy, and it’s phenomenally pleasant, but depending on how you like to wear you ring (only for active pleasure vs. casual wear all day) it can cause some sliding. Be diligent about your sizing and fitting.

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    Im confused about WEIGHT RANGE are you saying i can order a ring any where between 7.5 and 10 oz. or are you saying there is no way of knowing what the weight will be until its actually made.

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      Scott King

      Each of our ring styles comes in a range of sizes, bigger rings weigh more than smaller rings. If you want to see the actual weight of a given ring style in your preferred size, go to the product page, select the size, and the weight will be shown. Note that weights are close approximations, the rings are hand cut and minor variation is normal.

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