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Hammered Rose

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Tungsten Carbide member ring, stepped dome with hammered cut and center groove. 14 karat rose gold and black ion plated.

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Tungsten Carbide member ring cut with “hammered” surface, center groove, and plated with 14Kt Rose Gold. Black ion plating rounds out a very distinctive and bold look unlike any c-ring you have seen. Similar to hammered Copper but three times harder and more than twice as beautiful.

Inside ring surface is comfort fit (as are all our rings) and laser engraved with our very bold logo.

Pairs well with charcoal slacks, carpenter jeans, or moonshine and moonlight.

Product Data


14k Rose Gold and black ion plated over Tungsten Carbide.


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Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Rose Gold, black


High polish, hammered


Dome cut, center groove, with comfort fit

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Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

14 reviews for Hammered Rose

  1. Jordan L (verified owner)

    Great product, first time buying a metal ring. Got the sizing rings first which easily helps figure out the size you want. Then ordered the hammered rose gold ring. Beautiful construction, nice heavy weight to it, definitely won’t forget that it’s there while you’re wearing it. And fantastic correspondence with any updates on my order. 10/10 would recommend

  2. Samm H (verified owner)

    First time. Beautiful ring. Gorgeous weight. Truly indulgent feeling having that much pull under your real world clothes. I’m enjoying it.

    Worth the money. Get one, you won’t regret it.

  3. zb341085 (verified owner)

    So I got my Hammered Rose 46mm ring a few days ago and have been wearing it a lot. Pretty much all the time except when sleeping of course. It fits much better then the sizing rings and the weight feels amazing, you always know it’s there. It looks incredible and mesmerizing. My wife loves the look and we consider it my jewelry.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    Love the weight of this ring! The hammered gold c-ring is beautiful and matches my wedding ring. The weight is impressive! Also ordered a rose gold glans ring. It is perfect – stays on well thanks to the correct sizing. Thanks for the excellent customer service! Scott sent a replacement package of sizing rings after the first shipment was lost.

  5. Joe (verified owner)

    This is the best jewelry I have ever purchased. Even enjoyed the process of sizing, ordering, and anticipation!
    I told myself I wouldn’t alter the ring… But I couldn’t help myself. I added a perfect measured strip of red leather inside the center groove. Stunning.
    I’d like to extend a firm Roman handshake to Scott for the opportunity to collaborate on a timeless piece.
    Exceptional respect, Joe

  6. SK (verified owner)

    This was a great first ring to get- very pleased with the quality and the level of customer service!
    I took my time with the sizing rings, putting them through their paces in both the bedroom and daily wear (highly recommend this). One thing that I was a little worried about, was that the sizing ring that I thought was appropriate for me ended up pinching me occasionally when i would sit down, move in certain ways, etc- and the final ring wouldn’t be very useful to me if it did this as well. As others have mentioned on here, one of the big differences between the sizing rings and the real rings is the weight- but there’s also a pretty big difference in how they’re cut, with the edges being rounded outward. The hammered rose, besides being gorgeous, ended up being extremely comfortable as well- eliminating all of the pinching that was happening. It even appears to be slightly less constricting than its corresponding sizing ring (possibly due to the cut or how the additional weight makes it sit).

    I would also highly recommend the little leather pouches for the rings. Although they’re a little pricey on top of the cost of the ring itself, the quality of the leather is top notch and they really complete the luxury appeal of these pieces of art.
    Looking forward to getting some more in the near future!

  7. Joey (verified owner)

    Second Ring and just as happy as the first (Celtic). Perfect size- 54mm. A bit heavier, but the feel is so great. Great Scott!Rings! The beauty of the hammered rose is astounding. Pictures don’t do it justice. The craftsmanship and luster of the ring is artwork. These rings, no matter which one, is a great fit and feel. A bit more expensive, but worth it. The cheapos in the adult stores can’t even compare to any of these products. Basically junk on the shelves. Don’t waste time looking. Try one of the sizing rings and pick out one that fits your style. Now the choice is…Which one to wear?

  8. Jesse S (verified owner)

    As I write this, I’m agonizing over which ring to buy next. My beautiful wife thoughtfully presented me with a sizing ring kit and gift certificate for my first ring as a birthday gift after I showed her social media posts about the company and their gorgeous products. I was STOKED. This is not something I would have bought for myself, but let me tell you, after my hammered rose arrived in 52MM I was hooked. Words really cannot describe the weight, quality and beauty of these rings just as so many other reviews state. I was a bit disappointed to find that for regular daily wear, the 52 MM was a bit big, however I found it to be awesome in extended bedroom sessions as it is not too constricting but still works as should. I caution others to really take your time on sizing as I didn’t take enough time and this is critical given the mind-blowing weight of the product. I emailed Scott and he promptly sent out a few extra sizing rings to try after I mistakenly discarded the others in my first kit. This is clearly a person who cares about his products and his customers. What was initially a bummer has turned to pure excitement in that my sizing “miscalculation” has paved the way for the arrival of my second smaller KR “daily driver”. AS a c ring user for years, nothing comes close-TRUTH. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that cares! Yes, they are expensive, but not so much when you consider what tungsten wedding bands cost. Matter of fact, I think they might even be considered a value in that the design, quality and customer service is stupendous! Every once in a blue moon, a product comes along that meets the definition of luxury. This is it! Thanks Scott and team. Now, which one to order next?

  9. ZT (verified owner)

    Let’s just start with WHOA! This is exactly what I was looking for. Everything about this piece screams quality, the ordering process, packaging, materials used, fit, finish, customer service, follow up, literally none of it could have been any better. I work with fine jewelry on a daily basis and this piece fits the bill perfectly.

    The weight of this piece is just right in my opinion. Not so heavy as to bother me during all day wear, not so light as to forget there is something there. Finally, the comfort edge is no joke, the rounded edge is extremely comfortable.

    As for functionality, this ring gets five stars yet again. This ring looks way better in person than in the photos too! My wife loves it, I love it, this was definitely a sound investment. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. I’m looking forward to my next one soon!

  10. Isaac (verified owner)

    This Hammered Rose is my first King Ring cock ring and WOW is it beautiful! Yes the ring is stunning in photos, but it is even more stunning in person and on my cock!

    I was not sure of what size I should get so I tied the paper measuring method shown in the sizing guide and I could only get on a 58mm paper ring without tearing the paper. I was bummed because they didn’t have a 58mm Hammered Rose or Gold Champ. I decided to order the plastic sizing rings, King Rings sells because I was worried about measurement error with the paper ring I made, and I wanted to see if I could fit into the sizes offered for my favorite rings. I got the set of 50-58mm and after trying them all on, 54mm was the most comfortable for me because my balls like to sit closer to my body. The 54mm also gave me room to get erect without being too tight. The one thing the plastic sizing rings can’t do simulates the weight of the real rings. OMG it is heavy! It’s so heavy it pulls my balls away from my body when I wear it, and for me the pulling due to the high weight of the ring is too uncomfortable for me to wear it all day. Which sucks for me, because the Hammered Rose is so gorgeous, I want to wear it all day and glimpse that shiny metal every time I pull my dick out to piss. I hope King-Rings will make a lighter weight version in the future because they make the best looking cock rings I have ever seen!

  11. Konrad F (verified owner)

    What a beautiful ring! I love how the light catches on it while wearing. As in all the rings it is very comfortable to wear. Very classy look and the weight feels great. I’m constantly adding to my collection of King Rings because of the quality – thanks, Scott!

  12. MF (verified owner)

    Scott told me when I ordered this ring that I would be amazed by how the facets catch and reflect the light. A truly beautiful piece for your manhood. I’m not sure who loves these rings more, me, or my wife…..

  13. Phil H (verified owner)

    Great ring, one of a number i have bought recently, i love them all. The service is equally good, highly responsive and Scott obviously takes his customer service very highly.

  14. Adam (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic piece of equipment for both the Male and female when playing. Looks and feels great and the quality is second to none. Highly recommend this ring for its look and experience.

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