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We had exactly ONE new Knight Dragon ($295) due to a supplier issue and it spent just 2 hours in our store before being purchased. The buyer knows us, he has a Celtic Band and quickly recognized the value of this new ring. As an informed consumer he bought quickly with full confidence his new ring would be well worth the investment.

Our recent Giveaway contest was dominated by two gentlemen who already had rings of their own. While this might not seem fair to the rest of you who are still longing for your first King Ring it provides interesting insight. Men who knew exactly what King Rings has to offer went to the mat to fight for yet another.

A collector in our King Rings family has at least 6 of our rings, maybe more … I think I lost count. Recently, he misplaced his Celtic Band in a hotel room and quickly came back to the store to buy another. That is an incredible acknowledgement of product satisfaction and it makes us very proud.

We don’t know where this little business venture will take us but early response suggests we might make a real impression in an already full market space. King Rings really are extraordinary, we believe that and so do our customers. When will you discover what the rest of us already know?

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