Gift Box

The gift of a King Ring is like no other; it is incredibly unique, lasts a lifetime, and ensures he will always have a nice package for you to unwrap. ;o)

Gifting an expensive item in the right size and retaining the element of surprise is tough, we recognize this and want to help you make it happen. There are a few ways to approach this.

Sizing is critical and we encourage you to incorporate the sizing process as part of the gift giving experience. You will both have more fun and it stretches out his excited anticipation.

Gift Pack (recommended)

Eight Sizing Rings (44mm-58mm) and a valuable Gift Card so he can select the ring of his choice! Take all the guess work out of gifting him the most impressive private accessory he’ll ever own. Even better, have fun helping him test each of the eight ring sizes to see how they perform. Find details and options to buy here.

Gift Card

This is a great option for a guy who already knows his ring size or who would like some accessories from the store. Gift Cards can be used to purchase our signature metal rings but also Sizing Rings, leather pouches, finger rings, etc.. Buy a Gift Card here, you can have it sent directly to the recipient or to just yourself for gifting later at the time of your choosing.

Ring Purchase

If your gift recipient already knows his size – like if he already owns a King Ring – you can simply purchase a new ring in the size he prefers. If he has one of our rings already then we know what size(s) he has received previously and may be able to help. All our rings ship in sealed, crystal clear bags and can be returned within 30 days if they are unopened and undamaged. Be sure to read our Return Policy.