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Gorgeous Tungsten Carbide member ring, dome cut, black ion plated, and inlaid with natural Koa and Zebra hardwoods sealed in crystal clear high quality resin.

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Tungsten Carbide member ring, dome cut and inlaid with natural Koa and Zebra hardwoods. The sustainably harvested woods are sealed in crystal clear, high quality gloss resin making them impervious to water and durable enough for a lifetime of use. There is no better compliment to your hard wood than a Woody from King Rings.

Inside ring surface is comfort fit (as are all our rings), ion coated in midnight black, and laser engraved with our very bold logo.

Pairs equally well with charcoal dress slacks, khaki hemp shorts, or your best lumberjack shirt. No matter how you’re dressed or what you are doing, you can sport a Woody all day.

Product Data


Stainless Steel inlay, carbon fiber, Tungsten Carbide.


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Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Black, Natural Wood


Glossy Finish


Dome cut with comfort fit

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Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

7 reviews for Woody

  1. Jake (verified owner)

    Another beautiful ring! This ring is very comfortable to wear and because it’s not as heavy as the all-metal ones it doesn’t tend to slip partly down the shaft. Looks great on – the wood is very rich and lustrous. A very handsome ring for my ever growing collection of King Rings!

  2. Andy Y (verified owner)

    The Woody cock ring is a very classy ring. The two woods contrast excellently against the black tungsten. If my father of pearl cock ring is comparable to doing tequila shots on the beach, this ring is like enjoying a nice glass of bourbon with a cigar next to a warm fire.

    Definitely a hit!

  3. Dan D (verified owner)

    This is my fifth king ring, And it is my new favorite king ring. I was a little hesitant about the purchase of this ring because it is the lightest ring that they offer. However after a few weeks of wear, i love this ring so much because it is so light compared to my other king rings. It is perfect for all day/evening wear!

  4. Jerry V. (verified owner)

    A fantastic buy! Doubly so! Even so, it’s hard to know where to begin my review. So I think I’ll start with “value.” This ring exudes striking elegance and quality craftsmanship: when you hold the ring in your hand, you immediately realize you’re holding a crafted piece of artwork. Rarely in today’s marketplaces do I encounter products that impart such a sense of value. This one does! I’ll move on to “functionality.” To date I’ve worn the ring when dancing solo and in duet; in each setting the ring looks sexy as f*ck and strengthens the quality of your erection. It definitely catches my own eye and it’s definitely a conversation starter. Plus, this ring does a great job of enhancing your stature! I’ll conclude with “fun.” This ring is a lot of fun to wear! Look, candor is required: we men have been focused on our genitalia for eons!( None of us found this website by accident!) You’re reading this because you know (or hope) that wearing these rings is not only functional but it’s also fun. It is and The Woody will only add to that fun! It’s fun to examine; fun to talk about; fun to wear! Trust me!

  5. Louis-Philippe (verified owner)

    The Woody is my second King ring, completely different in style from my True blue yet as interesting because of the perfect wood treatment. It feels and looks earthy, genuine and elegant. It gives for more wisdom, calm assurance, experience
    As heavy and snug as I like, yet all day wearable.
    Thank you, great workmanship

  6. Matthew

    This ring is incredibly well made. It fits perfectly without any problems. I will 100% be buying another one. Highly recommend.

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    In my closet I have a shelf with my collection of rings on display. It’s a nice way to display my rings, even though only me, my wife and the maid ever see them. One ring that rarely finds itself on the display is my Woody from King Rings. It’s my most frequently worn ring these days and it’s easy to see why. The Woody is a beautiful ring; the rich lustrous bands of Koa and Zebra wood catch the eye, especially in direct sunlight. The midnight black tungsten carbide borders the wood bands and delivers the heft and comfort of the ring. Finally, everything is and sealed in a protective high gloss resin finish. This is like a piece of fine furniture, a ring for your member that is more elegant than any ring I own.

    The experience wearing the Woody is just want I like; secure and present. The interior has a comfort fit that makes the ring feel smooth and secure. I’ve gone a full week wearing the Woody ring, only taking it off to shower. I would say that you won’t notice you’re wearing it but you do. The heft of this ring is impressive, albeit lighter than other King Rings due to the weight of wood. Still, you will notice the ring tugging on you as you go about your day; reminding you that you’ve got something special between your legs.

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