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2x heavier than Stainless Steel and 100x better looking!

Our Tungsten Carbide member rings are plated with precious metals and inlaid with exotic natural materials like Koa Wood and Abalone. The rings weigh as much as 11 oz / 311 g and create a solid, unmistakable presence which hugs the base of your penis all day and boosts a better, more persistent erection at night.

Ring Size Comparison: US Size 10 Finger Ring vs. 50mm Member Ring

Wedding Band Quality C-Rings

Modeled after high quality finger rings, including a Comfort Fit interior, King Rings are made of the same highly durable metal found beneath glass in jewelry stores everywhere. With great effort, we have sized these rings up to fit an entirely new purpose. Our jewelers create exquisite designs meant to be worn casually but also to serve a functional purpose in your most intimate moments.

If you want to splurge, look no further. This $300 cock ring makes you feel like a goddamn king when you have sex.

– Men’s Health Magazine

Matching, Heavy Glans-Rings

Personal adornments for men have never been so worthy of admiration. If you are surprised by what you are seeing you should be, intimate products like these for men aren’t found anywhere but King Rings. Google will confirm that.

King Rings C-Ring G-Ring Sets
King Rings C-Ring G-Ring Sets

Look good, feel great, and perform well beyond expectation.

Satisfying your Queen is one of the many rewards for a lifetime investment in the best, most unique, and flattering male accessories you’ll ever come across. King Rings proudly boasts the only store in the world offering a catalog of member rings so exquisite they’ll make your wedding band question its commitment to you.

The man who has everything does not have one of these. Until now, no man has. King Rings was born of a passion to elevate the simple “cock ring” to an intimate statement of style. Not fashion really, it’s much more personal than that. We believe in the quiet confidence our rings inspire behind buttoned slacks and the hard driving desire they support when the pants come off.

Father Of Pearl Set

Like a good watch, both stylish and functional.

– Scott King, Founder King Rings

Be the King your castle deserves.

High Quality Cock Rings

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Rings are symbols of commitment but also of status and power. What kind of statement would you like to make with your King Ring?

What Is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten Carbide (chemical formula: WC) is one of the hardest, most durable metals jewelry is made from. Once polished, it will never dull, scratch, rust, or tarnish. There are virtually no materials other... READ MORE

Wear Your King Ring All Day

You can comfortably wear your King Ring behind buttoned slacks all day, it is an accessory for men and not just for sex. The extra weight and gentle hug offer a private pleasure... READ MORE

Ring Weights

Tungsten Carbide is heavier than your average metal and makes an extraordinary member ring. Not all King Rings designs weigh the same. Tungsten Carbide is dense, about midway between Lead and Gold, and... READ MORE

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