Three Finger Rule

Once you have a ring in hand, put it on (see our how to, if needed) and do an easy test before things get hard. Hopefully, you are using one or more of our Sizing Rings which are cheap and recyclable, start with the largest and work your way down. You can even use one of our paper rings but this is not as easy.

With ring snugly in place on your flaccid package, hook your index finger under the edge of the ring and work it between you and the band all the way up to, but not including, your second knuckle (this should be pretty easy and not require any lube). That’s the one finger test. Start over for the 2 and 3 finger tests, they work the same way. What is your max finger count?

0 FINGERS: Remove the ring immediately! How did you even get it on? At some point, you ignored a voice in your head screaming something about self preservation. You really should listen to those voices.

1 FINGER: Tight fit and will result in aggressive restriction of blood flow during erection. Things will get purple, perhaps uncomfortable, and you may be required to ejaculate to lose the erection (which will happen slowly). In terms of hardness, this ring size will give you the maximum effect but at the possible expense of your own pleasure. Do not wear a ring of this size while erect for very long!

2 FINGERS: Goldilocks. Firm fit and will result in moderate restriction of blood flow. This ring size will give your erection a gentle but noticeable boost; harder and more persistent. There may be some discoloration, this is normal, and the state of your erection will follow your state of arousal. It is the opinion of King Rings’ staff that 2 Fingers is the ideal fit.

3 FINGERS: Loose fit and easier to put on and remove. You will look and feel great wearing a King Ring this size but it may not give your erection much benefit. Super comfortable when erect, lifts your balls up and away from your body (as do all our rings), and without much or any discoloration. Our Tungsten Carbide rings can weigh more than 11oz / 312g and, when worn casually, a 3 Finger size may work its way off your package and then down and out your pant leg. In other words, an excellent conversation starter.

DISCLAIMER: Every man is unique in shape, size, and volume change of erectile tissue. The Three Finger Rule Of Thumb is a great guide for many men but may not be right for everyone. Use your good judgement and listen to the voices in your head, you are solely responsible for you. Have fun!

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    I have not done the finger test until just now. I have three sizes, 1.75, 1.875 and 2.00 ID. I started with the 1.875 and it is a good size for me. The 2.00 which I have on right now is a two finger ring. My challenge is the size of my balls. I can barely get the 1.75 on. Off is easier.

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    Scott King

    The 3 Finger Rule of Thumb is intended as a sanity check to reassure new users they won’t get stuck once the erection sets in. The real fit test is the erection itself. Since you already have and use rings then you are a few steps ahead, all you need to do is a metric conversion from your best fitting ring. All of our product pages have conversion charts and Google can help too. Search like “1.875 inches = ? mm” and Google will quickly tell you.

    It is worth noting that the 20mm wide bands of our rings make them feel more snug than thinner rings with the same inner diameter. That doesn’t mean you should go up a size but it does mean they will work much better. If you are still in doubt (it’s a big purchase) then opt for a set of Sizing Rings, we give you a store credit to go this route because we believe it is the best way to find your perfect fit.

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    Tim Bible

    I love a heavy cock ring. The feel of it is wonderful. I will be purchasing 2 very shortly as soon as my friend gives me his size, and one for myself.

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    Crazy question is there a place that will help you select and fit a cock ring

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      Scott King

      I have a contact at a brick & mortar store in Florida, they have two locations and are happy to educate and fit on site. There are certainly other stores who would do the same and a few well placed phone calls in your area may find one.

      What you WON’T get from this type of fitting:
      1. Enough time to experience how the ring(s) fit after an hour, much less all day.
      2. No opportunity to test the ring(s) performance through a full sexual cycle.
      3. No chance to try it/them out with a partner to see if they appreciate the difference the ring(s) makes for you.

      Our Sizing Rings are a versatile tool that give you all these things – on your timeline. Our 2mm (1/16″) size granularity is also not a feature you will find in any other metal c-rings. It really is a no-brainier and we even give you a financial incentive to test them out.

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    John M

    Sizing rings are ordered and on the way. I’m my current favorite fitting is a 56mm x 10mm high, and it couldn’t be any better. Should I consider a 58mm with the extra 10mm of height?

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      Scott King

      Hi John – The 20mm width of our bands does make them fit a bit more snug than thinner bands with the same inner diameter. However, it is hard to predict exactly how each size will fit and perform relative to other rings you have experience with. Thankfully – and unlike other sources for cock rings – we offer Sizing Rings so you can actually play around and discover what works best for you. There is no need for speculation or guessing.

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