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Teeny Tiny Rings

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A matched set can be yours! They seem really tiny to us but these standard size finger rings are a perfect match to our signature Member Rings and make an exceptional pairing, not to mention a very interesting conversation piece. Who would believe that ring on your finger has a big brother in your pants? ;o)

Available in U.S. sizes 7-14 and engraved with King Ring’s logo, you will not find a more attractive and inspiring companion to your King Ring … ok, well aside from your partner.

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Small size but big value and made by the same jeweler who hand-crafts our gorgeous Member Rings! The match is as perfect as the quality of our rings.

Tungsten Carbide rings cannot be resized, know your size and order carefully please. Unlike our Member Rings, finger rings can be returned for exchange or refund (Returns Policy) but it works out better for everyone if you get the right size the first time around. Google is full of tips but your local jewelry store can be of value as well.

All the product photos here are of actual finger rings photographed in front of their Member Ring counterparts, no Photoshop. Just to be clear, the Member Rings are sold separately and are not included with purchase of finger rings. Maybe we didn’t have to say that but our lawyers are quite sober about this stuff.

One more tip: You only have one penis but you have 10 fingers, so … fill your cart! ;o)


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Ring Style

Black Rose, Celtic Band, Father of Pearl, Father of Pearl Midnight, Gold Champ, Island Wood, Knight Dragon, Rose Dragon, Sea Dragon, True Blue, Woody

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8 reviews for Teeny Tiny Rings

  1. David H (verified owner)

    Proud owner of a matching set!
    I received my teeny tiny Knight Dragon on Saturday only a couple days after I placed my order!
    The ring is fantastic as I have come to expect from this amazing company. Customer service as always was top notch.
    My wife says every time she looks at my teeny tiny King Ring she is reminded of “the other ” Dragon waiting to be uncovered!
    Win Win Win.
    Sizing was on the mark and it feels amazing on my finger.
    A high quality product We love it!

  2. Kirk S. (verified owner)

    My dress up ring became rings. I have 4 king-rings for daily use and I wear the black rose when I’m dressing up. I had been looking for a classy finger ring and the black rose teeny tiny ring was perfect. The smaller version has the quality of the large one and is equally comfortable. PLUS there is the added exhilaration of knowing I’m wearing a matching one below; no one would suspect it …

  3. Robert Y (verified owner)

    The Sea Dragon teeny tiny ring has made its way to me and I absolutely love it! The craftsmanship and look of it is beyond belief. The intricate detailing in the ring is amazing. I had no doubt that the quality of the teeny tiny ring would be just as good as the King-ring that I own and wear almost constantly.

    I can’t wait to use the line…

    “Well, if you like this ring…you are gonna LOVE the other ring that I have on!”.

    Kudos to Scott and his team yet again.

  4. Michael M (verified owner)

    Ordered a set for my wife and myself. Well made and beautiful craftsmanship. Everyone comments on how unique and great they look.

  5. Michael M (verified owner)

    Purchased Father of Pearl Midnight…very distinct and refined look. Outstanding value for a quality ring. Very unique.

  6. Ben (verified owner)

    Ok – Time for my 3rd Review.
    After purchasing the Father of Pearl Midnight and Achromic Member Rings, I decided to get 2 matching Teeny Tiny Rings as well.
    Obviously the member rings are definitely far more impressive than these tiny ones, but these finger rings are really cute and make a wonderful addition to complete my set.
    They are really comfortable on your hand and they feel and look great – and they are a nice reminder of what you are wearing behind your fly, without having to take your pants down… wink wink.
    If you are open about discussing intimate jewellery, then these tiny rings are a perfect opening for this conversation if anyone happens to comment on them, if you feel so inclined.
    Otherwise, they are a really nice alternative piece of jewellery if you feel like trying something different, and a nice change from gold or silver – and cheaper too. They make a statement, without being ostentatious.
    Thanks again Scott!

  7. Christopher P (verified owner)

    Purchased the tiny version of Island Wood to get an idea of the quality of these rings before getting the real King. This is one of the best rings I’ve ever worn and both my partner and I are very impressed! I’m already figuring out which other designs I’d like to get after I complete this tiny ring with its matching big brother.

  8. Daniel C (verified owner)

    I currently own a matching set of the Sea Dragon ring. I personally think it’s a fantastic idea having a finger ring to compliment it’s bigger Sea Dragon brother.

    In terms of design and feel it’s consistent with the bigger ring.

    If you’re looking at reviews here about the finger rings it’s because you too thought it sounds like a fantastic idea to have a matching set, and it quite literally is.

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