Black Rose Tungsten Metal Finger Ring with Brushed Finish and 14kt Rose Gold
Black Rose – Tiny
Classically styled Tungsten Carbide (WC) finger ring, step cut edge with brushed surface and plated in midnight black and 14kt rose gold. The elegant simplicity of Black Rose captures a timeless masculine look. Scroll down for important details.
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Sale! Hammered Rose Finger Ring
Hammered Rose – Tiny
Masterfully hand crafted Tungsten Carbide (WC) finger ring, facet cut (hammered look) plated with 14kt rose gold and midnight black. Hammered Rose is stately and refined with an eye catching rugged appeal. Scroll down for important details.
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Trinity Black Gold and Silver Tungsten Carbide Cock Ring
Deceptively heavy Tungsten Carbide cock ring with classically handsome style. Inside of band is mirror polished and then plated with 14kt rose gold for the ultimate private luxury. Outside has a seductive, brushed finish in black and silver colors divided by an off center, gold plated groove.
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Trinity – Tiny
Trinity – Tiny
Solid Tungsten Carbide plated in 14kt rose gold and finished with brushed midnight black and a bold offset groove. Exceptional style! Scroll down for more.
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14kt Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide metal Glans Ring
Rose Gold – Glans
14kt Rose Gold plated Tungsten Carbide (WC) glans ring with comfort fit interior - like a quality wedding band - and dome cut exterior for extraordinary wear-ability. This ring fits on the penis shaft just behind the head (glans) and provides a pleasurable hug, tug, and sway all day. Made to pair with our signature Cock Rings for an unparalleled, elegant yet masculine style. Discover your best fit.
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