Sale! Sizing Ring Gift Pack
Gift Pack
All 8 Sizing C-Rings (44mm-58mm) and a valuable Gift Card* so he can select the ring of his choice! Take all the guess work out of gifting him the most impressive private accessory he'll ever own. There is no gift more uniquely personal and impressive than a high quality, luxury member ring from King Rings. There is also no better "thank you" than the one you will receive. Select the amount of your generous gift and we'll give you a special discount. Scroll down for details. *gift card is valid on any regularly priced metal c-ring
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Gift Card
Gift Card
The gift of a King Ring is like no other; it is incredibly unique, lasts a lifetime, and ensures he will always have a nice package for you to unwrap. ;o) Choose an amount below or enter any amount you wish. Need some help? See our Gifting Guide. Consider also gifting a Sizing Rings Trial Pack so he can discover his perfect size before ordering a ring. This adds an additional store credit to your gift!
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