Wear Your King Ring All Day

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You may be aware of the common guideline to not wear a c-ring for more than 20-30 minutes lest you damage your willy. This is good advice for some types of rings but not all and King Rings can be worn all day as secret bling without worry.

The 20-30 minute rule is the maximum amount of time a man should allow restriction of blood flow to/from the penis. Stretchable rings (like rubber or silicone) and rigid rings (like metal) behave differently.

Stretchable rings commonly exert an outside force that acts like a tourniquet. As erectile tissue expands the ring can expand too. The opposite is also true, as erectile tissue attempts to drain, the ring can shrink and so maintains its grip. It is ill advised to wear this type of ring for long periods because it can restrict the flow of blood (in and out) even if you are not erect.

A properly sized metal ring does not restrict blood flow in or out of an unaroused penis, it just doesn’t fit that tight (reference our Fitting Guide). As erectile tissue becomes engorged, it grows against the rigid ring and it’s this pressure that restricts the outward flow of blood. As the erection subsides, the ring becomes less tight and blood escapes normally.

You can comfortably wear your King Ring behind buttoned slacks all day, it is an accessory for men and not just for sex. The extra weight and gentle hug offer a private pleasure and also ensure you are ready for peak performance if opportunity arises (pun intended).

Do NOT wear your King Ring while sleeping because you need to be self aware. Night time erections could persist long enough to be concerning and we prefer you use caution where warranted.

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  1. Terry

    I wear a wooden curtain ring as a cock ring and despite my age (69) I can get a slight erection. Is there anything else I can do to fulfill my dream of a proper erection?

    • Scott King

      Hi Terry – Cock rings are a great tool to promote harder, more persistent erections, they are drug free and you only pay for them once. That said, they are not a good solution for erectile dysfunction like impotence because you need to become erect on your own. A good analogy is crutches, they can help you stay upright while walking on weakened legs but if you’re paralyzed they are useless.

      Proper fit is important! A curtain ring may or may not be the right fit for you, they are cheap yes but can range from useless to dangerous. We offer advice and tools to help you find the perfect fit and encourage you to pick up a set of Sizing Rings to validate your measurements.

      The internet is full of cheap cock rings, most of them are poor quality but can be useful. King Rings’ cock rings are a bit different and, beyond the functional aspect of aiding an erection, they are designed to be worn all day as an intimate accessory. The gentle hug and extra weight are a true all day pleasure.

      Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  2. Connie

    So before my man knew about cock rings, he did hear about men tying strings around their package to allow restriction of blood flow for a nice erection. He would wear this string almost all day. I’m reading that this is not at all good. Recently I bought him a rubber cock ring that was stretchable obviously and he would “exercise” or wear it almost all day. What damages could he be doing to himself? I may just be investing into yours being that he can wear it all day. But I really want to make sure that he isn’t going to cause future problems for himself..

    • Scott King

      Hi Connie – It is unwise for a man to wear anything around his penis that actively restricts blood flow for more than 20-30 minutes, with or without an erection. As you already know, blood delivers oxygen and every part of our body needs this to survive. Depriving a penis of fresh blood supply can cause damage – up to, and including, necrosis.

      He apparently has interest in wearing a ring casually all day and I share his appreciation of this. It sounds like you are helpful and supportive, please help guide him toward something safer. Properly fitted, rigid rings are best suited for this use type and metal is a preferred material. Whether it’s a ring from us or somewhere else, he’ll appreciate the assist.

    • Scott King

      Hi Mark – Since you can’t remove the ring until after your erection is resolved, there is no real need to remove the ring. You can just keep wearing it through your refractory period and go again, if you like. Personally, I like to remove my ring after sex but there is no real need to. I hope this helps!

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