Escape Plan

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What To Do If You Get Trapped In Your Member Ring King Rings are easier to escape than any other type of metal c-ring! Experienced users of metal c-rings will probably think this article is unnecessary because (for most men) … Continued

Fitting Guide

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Once you have a ring in hand, put it on (see our how to, if needed) and do an easy test before things get hard. Hopefully, you are using one or more of our Sizing Rings which are cheap and recyclable, … Continued

Gifting Guide

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The gift of a King Ring is like no other; it is incredibly unique, lasts a lifetime, and ensures he will always have a nice package for you to unwrap. ;o) Gifting an expensive item in the right size and … Continued

Sizing Guide

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If you are purchasing a ring as a gift, please see our Gifting Guide. We want you to Crown Your Jewels with confidence befitting a King. King Rings’ fine 2mm size granularity is unprecedented in the metal c-rings market and … Continued

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