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Sometimes it can be difficult to splurge on yourself, we get it. Since you’re reading this it is assumed you have looked around the King Rings store, like what you see, but are struggling to spend the equivalent of a couple good date nights on a lifetime accessory. Here are some suggestions to help you get yourself into a King Ring anyway.

Make a Wish List – You know about Wish Lists and how they work. King Rings has a Wish List builder, use it. You can add specific products or a Gift Card for any amount. Share the Wish List with friends, your partner, or on social media. Someone who loves you may appreciate the opportunity to thrill you.

Ask For Cash Gifts – Do you have a birthday this year? Or maybe the gifting season is approaching. When people ask “what would you like?” tell them cash because you are saving up for something really nice.

Sell Gift Cards – You may want the Kohl’s gift card you got from your Aunt but maybe not. There are countless places like Cardpool to unload your stack of unused gift cards for cash. Only you know what you really want.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into the King Rings family, we are an elite brand focused on the highest quality cock rings money can buy. Even if that means using someone else’s money. :o)

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    Brian W

    I have been collecting rings for more than 20 years. In that time I have amassed a collection of nearly 500. I must admit that discovering your site was an accident but a lucky one. I have ordered two rings to start and look forward to receiving them. The work looks both unique and beautiful. I have long hoped that Rings would become more mainstream and the quality and design of your products suggest placement in retailers other than adult only venues. Best of luck in your endeavors and I will gladly return to purchase more after trying these out.
    Best Regards
    Brian Warren

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      Scott King

      You made my day, Brian! It sounds like we are kindred spirits and I am happy you recognize the uniqueness of what we have created. Opening the store was the culmination of a long time dream driven mainly by my own desire to possess really awesome cock rings! Finding a jeweler willing to join me was a real challenge.

      Our business is still a little rough around the edges but we have great plans to grow and promote the wearing of truly exceptional accessories for men. “Mainstream” doesn’t know what to do with us yet and we’re hitting marketing barriers so we’re leaning heavily on social media.

      I genuinely appreciate your taking the time to share your enthusiasm with us.


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