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Heavy Tungsten Carbide Member Ring, bevel cut with center groove, diagonal brushing, ion plated in black and rainbow colors. Inside is comfort fit with gentle radius and rainbow plated for private luxury.

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Rainbow and black plated Tungsten Carbide Member Ring, bevel cut with diagonal brushed surface. The outside hints at something fun but no one will see its true colors until you come out.

This ring design has proven too difficult to produce at scale. The very limited quantity we have are beautiful but, like the rest of us, not without flaw (see notes below). Right now is your opportunity to own a highly unique and expressive gem from the King Rings Collectors series. If your size is out of stock then you are out of luck.

Spectra pairs equally well with Pride shirts, pouch undies, and June.

Spectra Limited Offer


Imperfect, like the rest of us: Rainbow plating has proven to be the most difficult production process to perfect. Plating any of our rings is very challenging to get right due to their weight. Electroplating requires objects to be hung by wires in a fluid plating bath, the wires are essential because they provide electric current. At 8-10 ounces each, our rings require the wires bear a lot of weight. This presses the wires hard against the plated surface and plating beneath the wire then looks a bit dark. The nature of our rainbow plating makes it impossible to hide these marks. Full disclosure – every Spectra ring has some visible plating artifact, example pictured.
Spectra Wire Marks

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Tungsten Carbide (WC), Midnight black and Rainbow ion plated.


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Midnight Black and Rainbow


High Polish, Diagonal Brushed


Bevel cut with center groove and comfort fit

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