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Savage Rose

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Remarkable Tungsten Carbide member ring, dome cut, plated with 14Kt Rose Gold, and inlaid with natural woods and stainless steel.

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Extraordinary Tungsten Carbide member ring inlaid with exotic Koa and Zebra woods, accented with a Stainless Steel feathered arrow design and plated with 14Kt Rose Gold.

Both primitive and progressive, our Savage Rose member ring summons the wild roots of primal desire. Be guided by your natural instincts and also inspire her with an artful expression like no other.

Pairs equally well with dress slacks and loin cloths though we recommend the former.

Product Data


Tungsten Carbide with natural hardwoods, stainless steel, and Rose Gold


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Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Rose Gold, silver, natural wood


High polish


Dome cut with comfort fit

Reference Info

Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

18 reviews for Savage Rose

  1. Michael C. (verified owner)

    I’m a 71 y.o. nudist who’s worn several types of inexpensive c-rings over the years. After receiving the “Savage Gold” ring and proudly wearing it at a nudist resort, the comments I received, male and female, were all very positive. Numerous ladies inquired about purchasing one for their man. It fits well, feels good, and looks great! Best ring I’ve ever owned.
    I definitely recommend purchasing the “Sizing Rings” for a perfect fit.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say that if it is possible this is the nicest ring I have ever owned, which includes 2 other king rings. The craftsmanship and detail are second to none, I absolutely love the feel of the weight and the look of luxury. The inlays are absolutely perfect and the finish is flawless as usual. With each ring I purchase I am more convinced that I am hooked on these rings and am looking forward to adding even more to my collection. If you are even close to being on the fence about purchasing any one of these rings, get off the fence and buy one you will not regret it

  3. Josh B (verified owner)

    The quality is impressive! It is clear that quality was the primary concern in the making of this ring. Customer service was also top notch. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

  4. Mike S. (verified owner)

    I am so pleased that I purchased the savage rose. It is beautifully crafted and a show stopper in the bedroom. Every woman has been in awe of how fun and unique it is. Even more fun when you let them discover it on their own.
    Helpful hint. Buy the sizing rings and read the instructions. I wore a few sizes for a week each and it was instrumental in choosing the proper fit. These rings are heavy and excess moisture can cause slippage, so take the time to ensure the right fit.
    The customer service is professional and very helpful. Thank you to the King Rings team.

  5. Jerry G (verified owner)

    Hi All,
    This is my first King Ring & I love it!

    The whole process from ordering the sizing ring kit, to selecting the correct size & selecting my first ring was a complete pleasure.

    Scott has been a real gentleman, answering all my questions via e-mail very promptly, making me feel comfortable in purchasing my first piece of personal jewelry (as I do not wear rings, chains or even watches).

    The ring is obviously crafted with extreme care & skill, the finish is perfect & shows the quality from the first second I opened the little velvet pouch.
    The ring is weighty but this adds to the feel of quality however the weight is not an issue, more of a benefit….. the ring gives the feeling of a gentle hug all the time I am wearing it.

    So far I have been very fortunate in being able to share the ring with 2 close lady friends & I can honestly say they were both completely in love with the ring, how beautiful it looks & the way it sits on me.

    In summary: Go ahead, order the sizing kit, check your size & order a ring, you will not be disappointed (whichever ring you choose) as theses rings are certainly works of beauty.

    You make a fantastic product & you were correct, I will be buying at least one more ring!!

  6. Alan Bishop (verified owner)

    2nd King C-Ring that I have purchased. Same excellent quality as the True Blue. The Savage Rose is a lighter weight C-Ring and has become my every day wear. The True Blue is for “Special times”. A person can’t go wrong with any of these high quality beautifully crafted works of art. Thanx Scott! Alan B.

  7. Lyle M (verified owner)

    This is my first of what will most likely be a collection of King Rings. Right out of the box and packaging I could tell this was specifically made to the finest quality. Putting it on for the first time I was amazed at how the weight and size was so very extremely comfortable. And it looks gorgeous. I want to show it to everyone! I can’t wait to sunbathe in the nude at the beach for others to see, I’m absolutely positive I will get remarks on where it’s made and how expensive was it. Love this cock ring!

  8. Dustin M (verified owner)

    Amazing Ring!
    Well done Scott, this is my first and I love it.
    Weight is comfortable and snug, feels great with a little pull. I wear it all day, the polished smooth finish is exceptional. This is one of those products once you have it, you wonder how you’ve gone so long without it.
    The craftsmanship is point on!
    It really makes you feel confident giving your package some bling and plumpness.
    Perfection at its best!
    I wanted to thank Scott for all your help and attention. The sizing rings are a must, really puts into perspective your proper size.
    5 star customer service
    5 star product review
    I highly recommend it.
    I’ve already picked out another ring I’ll be ordering right away. I’m super impressed!
    I’m definitely looking forward to the new collection this year as well.
    Scott you’ve got a one of a kind product
    And life-time customer from me
    Fantastic job.

  9. Paul (verified owner)

    The Savage Rose was my second ring purchase from King Rings (1st being the Island Wood). Again I can’t say enough good things. I know the reviews will find those who are on the fence about making the purchase. DO IT! They are incredible quality and Scott is solid to work with if you have questions. I recommend getting the sizing rings 1st then proceeding to pick out your favorite style. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Scott and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a third King ring in the near future.

  10. Kevin S (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my Savage Rose C-ring. As others have attested, the craftsmanship and quality of this ring is superb. It is even more beautiful “in the flesh” than the pictures portray.

    With all of the beautiful rings that King Rings offers, how does one make a choice? Here is how I came to decide that Savage Rose was the ring for me.

    First, fit and comfort. I intend on wearing this ring all day (and have done so since it arrived). Getting the correct fit is crucial; therefore, I highly suggest you get a set of sizing rings before purchasing your metal ring. For me, 58mm was the “two-finger” fit which was loose enough to be worn for extended periods and snug enough not to slip off at in opportune times and tight enough to do the job C-rings are designed to do when erect. Before this all of my C-rings were cheap stainless steel rings bought off the shelf at adult stores. You won’t be able to “dial in” your fit with mass produced rings. But with King Rings, I was able to try several sizing rings +/- 2mm in order to find my Goldilocks size.

    After reading of the different rings, I decided that a dome cut ring would be most comfortable for extended wear. This helped me narrow down the choices.

    My second criteria for choosing was appearance. This one is subjective, of course, but I absolutely love the combination of fine hardwoods, the stainless inlay, and the rose gold. I’m a musician, and I’ve invested in some high end custom made instruments. I love it when someone admires the craftsmanship of my bass guitars, and now I have a c-ring matches for my “other instrument.”

    To me Savage Rose is elegant and classy, without being overly flashy or bold. I’d like to think it matches my personality.

    Third was weight. Some of the reviews have said that Savage Rose is lighter than their other rings. It is true that Savage Rose is one of Scott’s lighter rings, but make no mistake, this ring is deceptively heavy — especially in the larger sizes. My 58mm weights in at almost 1/2 lb. As I said, all of my previous rings were cheap junk. They were weightless. There’s no forgetting it when I have my Savage Rose on. Most likely, my next King Ring will be heavier. I’ll be able to determine the difference a 8 oz. vs. a 10 oz. ring makes after I purchase my second ring — which I’m already trying to decide which ring to get next.

    Finally, the shopping experience has been outstanding. Scott patiently (and quickly!) answered all of my questions. I appreciate that he has built a wonderful business offering top quality specialized items and he does so with class and with pride. I appreciate that the website does not contain nudity — I can have my wife help me pick out my ring without offending her. All of my dealings with Scott have been wonderful.

    Again, I am very happy with my Savage Rose and I am eager to begin a small collection of these fine quality rings.

    Thanks, Scott!

  11. Drew M (verified owner)

    If you’re hesitant, do not be. These rings are phenomenal with not only the craftsmanship but the feel when wearing. They’re extremely comfortable and beautiful. I’m already looking at purchasing my next one.

  12. Michael H (verified owner)

    I have been using this as my everyday wear ring, and I love the look. The wood inlay in beautiful, and the weight is perfect. The resin feels high quality, and I don’t have to worry about damaging it or making it look scuffed after cleaning. Definitely glad I bought one of these.

  13. Chris (verified owner)

    The craftsmanship of the ring is incredible! I wear mine all day and the weight feels so great pulling down on your goods. Scott was so helpful on getting the right size for me. I thought I had the right size but he broke it down for me and determined that I didn’t need as big of a size as originally thought. I feel so sexy and confident with the extra bling boosting my package, it’s amazing! Thanks Scott, you killed it!!!

  14. John D (verified owner)

    Receiving this ring in the mail was unlike any of my other ring purchases over the years. It was truly like having a jeweler present you with a bespoke bit of kit. I think I know how my wife felt when I presented her with an engagement ring now. Since she is the one who helped me select this one, suffice to say, it has been a beautiful gift. I own a LOT of rings. I put this one on, and now I have to say most of my others may just be memories now. Scott has honestly raised the bar here. The wood inlay is simply beautiful, and the silver inlay on it is so well fitted you can’t see where it starts or ends. So yes, the ring gets 5 stars. Now, what else gets five stars is the customer service from King Rings. From beginning to end, I had communication, professionalism, and a feeling I was joining a family. The only other time I felt this way was when I bought my first sports car. I cannot thank Scott enough for founding this company, and making something for men that goes beyond a toy, it really is fine jewelry, and I wear mine all the time.

  15. Mr. Unmentionable (verified owner)

    I purchased this ring June of 2019. This is the first cock ring I purchased. I was concerned at first with the high price, but after putting it on the first time, I knew immediately that it was well worth the investment.

    After six months of regular use, here are my thoughts;

    One of the most valuable parts of this experience was buying the recommended sizing rings. It turned out that what I thought was my “size” was not my size, and I was able to practice with some plastic rings before making the bigger purchase.

    The heft of the ring lets you know it’s always there. I typically wear it on Fridays when I go to work, when I’m feeling like I need a confidence boost at the office, or on date nights with my wife. In terms of underwear, I suggest either boxers or nothing, as briefs/boxer briefs left me with an issue of the underwear holding me up and the ring pulling down on/squeezing my testicles. So, if consistent pain isn’t your kink, stick to commando or boxers.

    The quality of this ring is superb. After wearing this ring, I shopped for different rings at my local sex shop. After considering other products, I didn’t receive the same “buy me” feeling I did with the Savage Rose. They were either too light, or not even close to the high standard as with my King Ring.

    I understand that price can often be a source of anxiety for some. But, if you’re looking for a high-quality product that you can wear comfortably all day long, this investment is well worth it if it is in your means. I will also say that if King Rings is out of your price range, they are more than happy to talk with you about what you’re looking for and where else you might be able to find it.

  16. MF (verified owner)

    This ring is slick and elegant. The contrast between the different woods is perfect. The stainless steel detail in the center is stunning. This ring is a bit lighter than the others I own (I own 6 total), and that makes it perfect for wearing out casually in public.

  17. Chris (verified owner)

    Excellent quality ring, craftsmanship is second to none, this is truly a high end jewelry piece, the comfort of the lighter ring is great, my heavier ring is great on the weekends but at work where i am moving all day this Savage Rose is light enough to stay with me. The polish is exceptional and the wood inlay is very pretty. The stainless details are very impressive. Its something to behold. Great gift to myself.

  18. Steve B (verified owner)

    This was my second ring purchase from King Rings. I continue to be impressed. This is the lightest ring in his collection and because of that I wear this one more frequently. If you tried the trial sizing package….just know this, that is just to figure out what size you need. These rings are the real deal. Heavy, solid, beautiful! Can’t say enough good things. Oh, and customer service…..THE BEST! Treat yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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