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Rose Dragon

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Only available while supplies last, when they are gone they are gone forever.

Heavy Tungsten Carbide Member Ring, bevel cut with 14Kt Rose Gold plated Celtic Dragon inlay. Inside is comfort fit with gentle radius and gold plated for private luxury.

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14kt Rose Gold and midnight black plated Tungsten Carbide Member Ring, bevel cut and inlaid with Celtic Dragon pattern over black carbon fiber. An incredibly classy ring to enhance your look, your performance, and your evenings together. Rose Dragon is practical but with very impressive style.

This ring design has proven too difficult to produce at scale. The very limited quantity we have are beautifully perfect but took nearly 9 months to craft. Right now is your opportunity to own a unique masterpiece which will last a lifetime. If your size is out of stock then you are out of luck.

Rose Dragon pairs equally well with tailored suits, leather floggers, and champagne bubbles.

Rose Dragon Tungsten Carbide Metal Cock Ring

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Tungsten Carbide (WC) with stainless steel inlay. 14Kt Rose Gold plated, Midnight black ion plated.


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Rose Gold, Midnight Black


High Polish


Bevel cut with comfort fit

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1 review for Rose Dragon

  1. Roy

    I’m very pleased to say that I own this ring and couldn’t be more pleased. Keep in mind that I also own the Knight Dragon and the Sea Dragon (I have 9 altogether) so you know I’m in love with this design to get a third variant! The interior rose gold band is an extra level of luxury that just blows my mind. As someone who is an avid collector, I also would be remiss in not mentioning the elitist feel of having a limited edition ring that not many others have. Imagine a day when it’s common to meet other ring bearers (KingCon2024, Scott?) and being a super star with a unique ring! Sounds like wishful thinking, but I’m prepared, will you be? I highly recommend you not let this chance pass you by. I’m still sad I missed out on the last one of a kind, and I hadn’t even discovered these life changing rings yet. C’mon other collectors, I know you’re reading this, you’re not going to let me outshine you, are you?

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