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Knight Dragon

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Tonight is the Knight! This weighty Tungsten Carbide Member Ring is bevel cut with an 18Kt Yellow Gold plated Celtic Dragon inlay. Midnight black ion plating in high gloss exudes class. Don’t settle for just a spark of romance, Knight Dragon will breathe fire into your date nights.

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Black ion plated Tungsten Carbide Member Ring, bevel cut and inlaid with 18Kt Yellow Gold plated Celtic Dragon pattern. An incredibly classy ring to enhance your look, your performance, and your evenings together. Knight Dragon is practical but with very impressive style.

Pairs equally well with tailored suits, leather floggers, and champagne bubbles.

Product Data


18Kt Yellow Gold plated, Midnight black ion plated, Tungsten Carbide.


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Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Yellow Gold, Midnight Black


High Polish


Bevel cut with comfort fit

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Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

19 reviews for Knight Dragon

  1. David H (verified owner)

    Once again the quality and customer service at Kings Rings has exceeded my every expectation!
    The Knight Dragon is an exquisite piece of jewelry. Two for two on amazingly beautiful pieces(True Blue) .
    Very rarely in today’s market place do I purchase something that makes me want the company that produces it to succeed. This is one of those products and one of those companies. I can highly recommend Kings Rings, you will not be disappointed by product nor customer service!
    Enhance your jewels by ordering one ASAP! Worth every dime! You will not be disappointed!

  2. MF (verified owner)

    This is my 6th ring from King Rings, I keep looking for something to complain about, but there is nothing. Down to the laser engraved logo on the inside, everything is pure perfection.

  3. Victor L (verified owner)

    This is my 4th ring from King Rings. My first impression when I opened the box was, WOW!! Looks amazing! And feels great as all the other three I have.

  4. Dan D (verified owner)

    This is my third ring from king rings. This ring is magnificent! I am so glad I purchased it. I highly recommend King Rings! There is no doubt that I will purchase more king rings!

  5. B D Clark (verified owner)

    This ring is amazing! One of the things that really tempted me to try it is the weight. The Tungsten Carbide material really gives the ring some heft. This can be good or bad depending on your preferences and expectations. Even if you are accustomed to wearing a ring long-term, a ring with these dimensions and weight may take some getting used to. I must admit that there was some adjustment required on my part to get comfortable with it. If you take the time to read this review, I will try to explain what I mean and help you have a great user experience.

    Appearance: This ring is visually stunning. The ring itself is a rich, deep black that photos cannot do justice. The carbon fiber under layer really shows off the gold inlay, and the depth of the gloss finish makes the colors pop. Surprisingly, the inlay’s contrast with the black ring reacts brilliantly with changes in light. It changes appearance like a chameleon as light intensity changes from bright light to dim candlelight. Make no mistake, this is jewelry, not just a ring. My wife’s reaction was incredibly positive. From a purely aesthetic point of view, of all the rings I own, this one is her new favorite. She even commented on the fact that she likes it because it is everything the other rings are not. It is beautiful and elegant, not just a “hunk of metal.”

    Quality: I inspected this ring under laboratory lighting, scrutinizing every detail, looking for even the tiniest imperfection. In a word, flawless. The finish is pristine. The black ion plating is perfectly smooth. There are no evident seams in the inlay. The ring is polished to a luster that reveals every nuance of the light it reflects. I know the finish is durable and will survive a considerable degree of impact without damage if you happen to drop it. It is by no means fragile. I am impressed that something so rugged can be made to look this exquisite.

    My experience: Here is where my hopes and expectations differed from reality. I prefer heavy rings, so I was not surprised by that at all. I have also worn rings that are of similar width. However, since this ring combines the weight and the width, the first couple of time I wore it I did not have the results I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, the day I got it I put it on and wore it the rest of the evening and even slept with it on. When I wore it under my clothes the next day, things were different. The mass of this ring, when confined under clothing, presented some issues for me. The ring is radiused on the inside and outside, so it is very comfortable, but the front and back of the ring have edges where that radius terminates. They are not sharp corners, but over time, under clothes, the width and weight of the ring made it start to dig in a little. Over the course of a day it just was not pleasant. It wasn’t outright uncomfortable, but it was annoying. That isn’t something I want to get used to. For me, this takes this ring out of the all-day-wear category. I doubt that is an issue for most people as this might be considered a special occasion type of ring anyway. I really wanted this to be an all-day ring, so I was a little disappointed at first. That being said, I can’t blame it on the ring.

    Overall: This is a luxury item and it lives up to that standard. It presents a very bold appearance. It makes a statement. If that is what you are looking for, you just found it. Get one. You will not be disappointed.

  6. John B (verified owner)

    King-Rings make an amazing, high quality product. I bought my first ring a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed with the fine detail, superb finish and satisfying weight. It is very comfortable with a fit that reminds me that I’m wearing a piece of sexy jewelry without being bothersome. I think they offer enough sizes for a good fit for everyone. I have about 4 other rings that are all metal but none of them come close to the luxury and quality of King-Rings. It is the most expensive by far, but I found myself quickly back at their website looking for my next purchase.

    Also, I had in issue placing my initial order (I think a problem with my credit card). When I contacted them to find the status, they were quick to respond and provided a personalized response. I felt like I was talking to real people running a personal and professional business. I would be very surprised if everyone doesn’t have the same experience.

    If you like rings, you owe it to yourself to try one.

  7. Ramon I (verified owner)

    Wow this is my very first ring and wow the Knight Dragon is high quality, the ring is beautiful and the detailed work, weight and feel of this cock ring on my D is gorgeous.

    Scott really helps a guy out he cares about his customer and takes care of you. From start to finish.

    I am considering grabbing a second ring real soon and starting a collection.

  8. Michael M (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Immaculate quality. Highly recommend.

  9. Jennifer (verified owner)

    We received our knight dragon ring today. The weight and quality is definitely amazing, the pictures do not do it justice. We also received the leather pouch you can keep it in, which I highly recommend. Can’t wait to have fun with this ring and looking forward to purchasing more.

  10. Daniel

    I bought the Knight Dragon which arrived about a week ago, and I haven’t been able to take it off since (in the good way!!).
    Its beautiful, incredibly solidly heavy – it weighs 3 times as much as my big steel one – and it makes any trousers look better once its in them – it definitely won’t be my last one.
    Cannot recommend highly enough!

  11. Bobby H (verified owner)

    I have the Knight Dragon and the Thunder CRs. They are both well made and the fit and the finish are superb. The heft of the Knight Dragon took some getting used to compared to the Thunder. I definitely recommend following the fitting and the sizing guides (get a set of sizing rings) prior to buying. Scott and staff are super helpful and I definitely look forward to owning many more of king ring products.

  12. apexremy23

    I’m so very excited to join this list, Knight Dragon is my 2nd King-Ring! I’m writing this review four days after my review on the Sea Dragon. That’s right, the moment my wife saw the excitement and total satisfaction on my face, she immediately ordered this one. Hear me in the back ok? We knew full well that Scott was sending us a very nice discount for purchasing my first ring, and we didn’t even wait for it. That’s because we know it’s only a (small) matter of time before we order again. These reviews are real and look at how many of us can’t stop at one! My rings are supremely elegant, and until I got my 2nd, I’d never known anything like it. I waited in sight of the mailbox for mine for hours. Not once, but twice! My excitement did not diminish simply because I now knew to expect perfection. You know one reason you need more than one? Because you’re going to want to be able to see and hold one, all on its own. The amount and the ways that this jewelry brings joy is limitless. While I don’t want to encourage you to stray from Scott’s sound advice, I wear mine 24/7, and as we speak, I’m wearing BOTH. Yes, definitely went Double Dragon. The weight is supremely comfortable and with the comfort fit interior and exquisite materials, I have no fear of pinching or scratching. That’s just me though, and if the weight is a concern, there are lots of options to help cut down on some of that, such as the Thunder, or Island Wood. The only way you can go wrong is to not treat yourself to this truly one of a kind experience. Hey Scott, in my next ring, will you send me a strip of those logo stickers that are on the box? I’d love to start getting the word out. Men, you and your partner owe it to yourself to join this list of wonderful experiences! See you on the next review!

  13. Sean (verified owner)

    All I can say is BRAVO Scott! Bravo! Scott has found a niche and he is owning it outright. I ordered the Knight Dragon last week and it arrived today. I waited excitedly for our mail carrier to arrive today and could barely contain my excitement when I saw her place a small box in our Mail box. Needless to say I rushed out to the street and was pleasantly surprised by the heft of the small box, even though I’d read all the descriptions and reviews and I knew it had a significant weight it was still a pleasant surprise to pick it up. I hurried inside and opened the package and was impressed with the care that was taken to place it in a nice presentation box and a carrying pouch inside of that. Once I got it open all I could do was hold it in the palm of my hand and admire the exquisite ring with the gorgeous inlay of gold Celtic knot work. Dear Lord! This is a magnificent piece of jewelry! Let me say it again a little louder for those in the back…THIS IS A MAGNIFICENT PIECE OF JEWELRY!! Guys, if you like wearing cock rings (which I do) do yourself a favor, get one of these. I know the price seems steep but once you hold one of Scott’s rings and then wear it you will never look back. Gentlemen, splurge on yourself, you won’t regret it and neither will your significant other. It is such a gorgeous, masculine piece of fine jewelry. Put one on, get your significant other, get dressed up and go out, you’ll feel like a boss walking with your SO feeling that weight hugging your guys and when you’re back in the bed room you’ll feel like a million dollars once you strip down and they can marvel at how exquisite you look and feel. This is my first King Rings purchase but I can already say with 100% confidence it won’t be my last. His customer service and individual emails he has sent concerning order status, tracking and follow up after delivery has impressed me as well. Scott has set the bar high! Scott, once again,I tip my hat to you sir! Well done! Thank you for rescuing me from cheap cock rings!

  14. Jay (verified owner)

    I guess it’s time for my first of what will likely be many 5 star reviews on this website. This is my FIRST King Ring, and it will absolutely not be my last. Every single review that you may have read up to this point has been true, and I will be doubling and tripling down on many of those sentiments, but I do encourage you to continue to read through these reviews as there are still many gems (pun intended) hidden within some of them that may help you even more than the already amazing instructional guides scattered throughout this site. For instance: I myself read at least 20 reviews prior to even purchasing a set of sizing rings. I am always this way when deciding on making a purchase that is expensive, and these rings are expensive, no doubt. The reviews truly helped me make my decision.

    The Price:

    Although I am fairly new to the world of C-Rings – only having owned 2 prior to this one – I have never seen one at the price points we see for King Rings, so the reviews were necessary for me to truly be confident and comfortable with spending that much.

    The Sizing Rings:

    When I bought the sizing rings, I found my size just as instructed, using the 2 finger method and playing around a bit with each to determine my “true size”. I was so happy with the sizing rings I almost didn’t even want to buy an actual ring, but I knew I would be missing out on an experience of a lifetime if I didn’t, and boy was I right. The sizing rings absolutely do the job, and are even pretty comfortable when sanded down properly and used regularly, but they are NOWHERE near as comfortable as a true King Ring.

    The Service:

    When I ordered the Sizing Rings, Scott reached out to make sure all was well. When I responded, he also responded, and it never felt like I was speaking to an automated machine. This is a real person with a REAL passion for jewelry IN GENERAL, and it shows. When I ordered the Knight Dragon ring, Scott reached out to me and let me know that he even expedited the shipping to have it deliver sooner since I ordered it over the weekend.

    The RING:

    When my Knight Dragon arrived, I was in shock and beyond pleased with the quality, style, weight, durability, comfort, and BEAUTY of this magnificent piece of jewelry. There is NO FLAW to be seen, and I assure you that after wearing and playing around with this ring for weeks now, it is ABSOLUTELY worth the value of its price point. Out of zeal I even purchased a matching “tiny ring” to go along with it, and it is literally the same quality. If you are into jewelry AT ALL, you will swoon over the quality and detail of these pieces.

    The Weight and Fit:

    So I did follow all of the instructions as well as some of the reviews on the site when it came to finding my size, and it did work out for me. HOWEVER, what size you purchase should be determined by the intended use of the ring, rather than the true size based on your measurements. Example: I believe we are all here purchasing rings because we want the pleasure. We want the intensified orgasms, the longer lasting pleasure, and the overall LOOK of what a ring provides. However, if you’re intent is to also casually wear the ring all day while out and about, you will certainly have to consider the weight and fit. What gets reiterated on this site is that the WEIGHT of these rings are like no other rings you’ve ever worn. They are VERY PLEASANTLY heavy, but HEAVY. Me personally (and I hope this is not TMI) I am a grower, and so when flaccid, the ring will slide basically all the way down to the head of my “member” (not sliding entirely off since I has a decent size to begin with) and it’s certainly not uncomfortable, but definitely not AS comfortable as it should be when actively maneuvering around wearing the ring. When I am hard though, the ring fits so perfectly it’s maddening. That leads me to understand that this will be a perfect “during the act” ring, but if I want to have a ring I can wear all day – even when soft – I will need to get a size down. At first this concerned me a bit as I have played with the sizing rings enough to know that a size down from where I’m at isn’t AS comfortable when hard, but I have to remind myself that the sizing rings are again NOWHERE near as comfortable as the actual rings, and so my next purchase will be a 52mm ring, and that will be the test.

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. I will be buying more, and I even may think about buying a glans ring, but I will have to read more reviews on those and purchase sizing rings.

    GREAT JOB, SCOTT! You’ve got a loyal customer in me.

  15. King Ring Dingaling

    The ring was spot on!

    The Weight was not heavy at all!! Only feels a bit heavy in your hands. The sizing is pretty much perfect, the only way you can get a perfect fit would be if they make a cast mold of your member.

    The tungsten carbide is beyond durable for it’s purpose, I did research and it’s actually near diamond in hardness.

    Would love one that is filled with lighter material or hollow and also one that has possibly a 6-8mm silicone divider between your banana and grapefruit!

    Either way it’s perfect!

    Thank you king ring for creating a high end product !!

  16. Richard W (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this ring to replace another company’s one I purchased to try.
    Wow. The quality is second to none (well the prices says it all).
    We road tested it a couple of days later, it is a fantastic fit, the feel is superb. You don’t notice the weight once in position, the choice of sizes is fantastic. Gives to just the right type of tightness but without the discomfort.
    Just wish they did a box that holds more than one ring.
    Will certainly be ordering others.

    If ordering in the UK in reality it takes about a 3 weeks to a month for it to arrive.

    Well worth the purchase.

  17. Don Colton (verified owner)

    These rings are amazing. I was initially concerned about the massive weight. But once on, the weight is comfortable and feels incredible.
    I purchased the knight Dragon member ring and the finger ring. I also purchased the matching glans ring. My wife enjoys me wearing all of them. I wear the glans ring daily and it is fantastic. I especially enjoy the “swing” of the added weight of the glans ring.
    I wear the knights dragon finger ring as a prelude to things yet to come.
    I would enjoy a glans ring in knights dragon. Wearing a triple set of matching rings would be a real turn in for my wife and me!

    Thanks again.

  18. Scott P (verified owner)

    Knight Dragon is the sixth ring in my collection of King Rings. The quality is amazing! The weight of the ring is incredible and the style and design is rich and elegant. Scott always provides impeccable customer service and answers all questions. Will be buying the finger rings to go with each c-ring and will enjoy my own sensual secret when wearing both…
    Scott, thank you as always for your assistance and providing an excellent product! Looking forward to some new designs in the future!

  19. Chuck (verified owner)

    I received my new Knight Dragon, it’s awesome! Great feel and weight, wears well.
    Thanks again

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