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Celtic Band – Glans


Polished Tungsten Carbide (WC) glans ring inlaid with stainless steel Celtic knot pattern over black carbon fiber and sealed beneath crystal clear resin. The ring has a comfort fit interior – like a quality wedding band – and dome cut exterior for extraordinary wear-ability. This ring fits on the penis shaft just behind the head (glans) and provides a pleasurable hug, tug, and sway all day.

Made to pair with our signature Cock Rings for an unparalleled, elegant yet masculine style. Discover your best fit.

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Glans Rings are a simple accessory that wears effortlessly yet will draw attention all day. They fit just behind the head of the penis, an area dense with nerve endings that will happily report a gentle hug as long as you wear the ring.

Made of solid Tungsten Carbide (WC), the ring is heavier than it looks and is styled to coordinate with our signature Cock Rings for a distinct and impressive look. You won’t find anything like these anywhere, Google can demonstrate that.

Beyond casual wear, glans rings physically cover the highly sensitive frenulum beneath the head of your penis and can thereby assist in delaying ejaculation. Wearing a set of King Rings – cock and glans – boosts an erection, prolongs an experience, and leads to highly charged orgasms.

Celtic Band Cock Glans and Finger Ring Set

Sample Ring Set: Celtic Band Glans Ring shown with Celtic Band cock and finger rings in a leather pouch. All items sold separately.

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Solid Tungsten Carbide (WC), stainless steel, and carbon fiber inlay beneath crystal clear resin.

Band Width


Band Thickness



High polish


Dome cut with comfort fit

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