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What To Do If You Get Trapped In Your Member Ring

King Rings are easier to escape than any other type of metal c-ring!

Experienced users of metal c-rings will probably think this article is unnecessary because (for most men) it is exceedingly difficult to put on a rigid c-ring that you could not then take off. We who have worn rings which were uncomfortably too small already know the blood will eventually escape when arousal wanes, even if it’s slower than we’d like.

For the uninitiated, there is understandable angst. All men are very attached to their penises and most men would be uncomfortable asking for help in the event of emergency. We totally get that. To address your fears, we would like to help you define an easy escape plan … even though we think you will never ever need it.

An Ounce Of Prevention

If you are not experienced with metal c-rings, at least be smart. Take the time to size yourself correctly, this will give you peace of mind. Perform the steps in our Sizing Guide, order the Sizing Rings Trial Pack, and once you have a ring to wear follow guidance in our Fitting Guide before becoming erect. We are committed to helping you find the right size.

Common Sense – Listen To Your Inner Voice

Unlike rubber or silicone c-rings, you can’t stretch metal. If the ring is too small you will have great difficulty getting it on over your penis and balls in the first place, this should register as a point of danger. If you need to grease up your junk to force it through and if there is grunting involved you are not listening to your inner voice of self preservation.

You Are Trapped, Now What

If you and your dick get this far you haven’t been paying attention, but I will continue anyway. Your erection is uncomfortably hard and it’s a purple throbbing monster being choked to death by the ring you had been so excited about 20 minutes prior. You have a problem but don’t panic.

1. Shrinkage is your friend. Grab a bag of frozen peas or jump in a cold shower, cool things off as much as possible and watch for progress. Manually shift the ring around side to side, the idea being to release pressure on one side at a time to let blood gradually escape. Some lubrication may aid with this. If unresolved within a half hour, escalate to the next level.

2. Tungsten Carbide is extremely hard but completely rigid, meaning it has no “give” and it will break long before it would ever bend. In finger ring size, this is easily done with a vice grip. Our Member Rings are much larger of course and, if you don’t have a giant vice grip, a ball-peen hammer will work.

I have actually done this, broken a ring with a ball-peen hammer to verify it can be done. You might even be able to do this yourself at home but call for help if you need it! Step up to a counter or table, place the problem up on the edge, and give the ring a good wack. We actually think some tool to “squeeze” the ring into breaking would be better but the hammer was readily available on the day I was curious.


Breaking a Tungsten Carbide ring is not without risk and King Rings assumes no responsibility for any outcome, good or bad. You’re on your own there. We tried our best to coach you through finding the right size and advised you to double check before becoming erect. This EMERGENCY EXIT is a last ditch effort to save you from yourself. You are solely responsible for you.

No one should ever need to go through this imagined scenario. King Rings is here to enhance your life and make you look great. We believe strongly that a little common sense is all you need to avoid trouble. We are experienced with metal rings and happy to provide tools and info you need to Crown Your Jewels with confidence befitting a King.

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