Drawn to the Beautiful.

Most of us seek that which is honest and we love simple truths.  We treasure integrity.  We are drawn to the beautiful. As a child, I discovered my creativity in fun ways and felt called to the arts.

My pursuit took a path of higher education ― Bachelors of Fine Arts, teaching, gallery showings, Plein-Air painting, and broadening medium expressions.  Eventually, mastery of a gift is the reward for endurance.  I learned long ago that whatever I do, I want to do it in love, otherwise it’s in vain.

Our favorite things in life are an important part of what make us unique and the jewelry we wear should be also.  A necklace needs to be more than a pretty adornment.  It should be something that has a special meaning for us.  It’s personal. 

With this in mind, my designs are unique creations, made in love.  Every piece/part is significant as it contributes to a statement of honesty, simple truth, and beauty.  Please enjoy my work in the same light in which it was created.

King Rings Commentary:
We have known Carolyn a long time and invited her to join us because we are familiar with the dedication and unique creativity she brings to everything she does. We love Carolyn.

  1. Matthew R

    I bought two different necklaces from her. Both were amazing. It is nice to have matching rings. Plus she did a great job matching the earrings as well. I highly recommend. The price was well worth it, so I recommend everyone jump on this now! Prices are only going up, I promise.

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